Released on May 18, 2022

Tilt the stage, turn the camera, and roll your way to the goal in BALLYGON, a new labyrinth marble-rolling game! Challenge over 150 stages with unique mechanics in polygonal worlds. Go ball in with BALLYGON!

From the Developer

My name is Anthony Seeha and I'm the developer of BALLYGON. I started this project in 2019 after I graduated from college for Game Design and Development.

I designed everything in this game from art, modeling, music, sound effects, level design, programming via visual scripting, UI design, and everything else in between. Creating this game was definitely a huge passion project for me!

I hope you enjoy what BALLYGON has to offer!

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Update Version 1.01

  • "Oscillating Fan" fixed animations during pause
  • "Bowls" fixed extruding geometry
  • "Climber" reduced difficulty
  • "Chains" reduced rotation speed
  • "Boost Square" fixed Token placement
  • Rearranged order of some stages in Beginner and Advanced
  • Rearranged order of some Background Environments
  • Fixed visual glitch with Warp Lines
  • Fixed visual glitch with water effects
  • Updated Assist Mode button visability in Pause Menu
  • Added Tutorial Prompts
  • Improved Keyboard UI in menus and gameplay

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